September 1, 2020

The God Who Sees Us… Evergreen Life Services Evacuees at Gilmont

Our hearts are full and our bodies a bit weary but we are so good!

Evergreen Life Services has 80 evacuees at Camp. We are not posting our videos singing “Amazing Grace” “Jesus Loves Me” “This Little Light of Mine”, doing the energizer – “Change in My Life” or singing Bill O’Neal’s favorite:”My Chains are Gone,” but at worship in the much needed and welcoming breeze at the pavilion this morning, we sang our hearts out. Some sang verbally and some non-verbally. We talked about Hagar and how she was rejected and banished into the wilderness, but El Roi, “The One Who Sees,” met her there and restored her broken soul!

I can tell you that if your heart is hard or your way is cloudy, worship with those in disabled bodies and minds that struggle to communicate, along with their broken and displaced care givers… and watch how the Holy Spirit meets them. There really is nothing like being in community with people who are struggling in the wilderness, nothing like hearing their prayers to change your perspective; prayers for their sweet Mamma who passed away years ago, their sister and brother who were displaced by the hurricane and are now scattered in different States, for their dear leader Hilda, who needs physical healing for mobility. There were prayers of thankfulness for Camp Gilmont, and our staff, and the good food. The simple prayer of thanks, just for waking up this morning and for a new day.

So much uncertainty around what’s going on and loss of their group homes in the flood. Please pray for the Evergreen caregivers who hold so much burden with their own personal lives and families they are away from, plus the incredibly high level of care needed by many of these special individuals.

And, may we all pray with Hagar today, a prayer of thanks to El Roi, the God who SEES each of us! Amen!
Marie Nelson, Associate Director at Gilmont