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Board Members

Board Members, Gilmont Camp & Conference Center

John Amaroufi


“I initially connected to Gilmont through a volunteer project and it was love at first sight. Finding out my wife was a camper when she was young was icing on the cake.”

Clay Brantley

Vice President

“We all need a place for a deep immersion into God’s amazing creation, not just for a couple of hours but for several days. Gilmont is that place for me.

Doni Barrett


“My family first came to Gilmont in 2013 through Circle of Friends. Ten years later, we participate in many of Gilmont ministries and volunteer to give back because of the connection, acceptance and joy we find here! It changed our lives!”

Stephen Peyton


“Gilmont to me is not only about the summer camps I went to as a camper or staff. It is about the connections made with both nature and life-long friends.”

Lester Caldwell

Past President

“My family found Gilmont through our church when we moved to Texas in 2015.  I fell in love and I am always overwhelmed by emotion when at Gilmont.”

Brendan McLean

“Gilmont, in very many ways, is a true blessing nestled in the piney woods of East Texas. This place is beautifully wild, radically welcoming and inviting, and abundant with people who continually help you remember that you, too, bear the image of God and are loved more than you could imagine.”

Brett Walker

“The first time I came to Gilmont was in 2013, when I attended a Walk to Emmaus retreat. Each time I drive into the Camp, it is just like coming home.”

Bridget Byers

“I was introduced to Gilmont when Abigail was 9 years old. It was a safe place to watch my daughter grow and blossom into a beautiful, strong, confident woman.”

Divine Kuja

Camp Gilmont reminds me of my days in High School in Cameroon. Gilmont helps me to relax in the woods, reconnect with nature, and have fun with men while working.”

Erica Parr Roberts

“My kids attended summer camp for years as I did growing up. I’ve enjoyed being a member of the Board supporting our various ministries and fundraising efforts!”

Gary Minton

“Many of my best “bonding” moments have been at Gilmont: bonding with friends, bonding with family, bonding with nature, bonding with God. It is a thin place where love is present and close.”

Gavin Cogburn

“Driving through the entrance of Gilmont there is a wave of peace that blows over me. This is a peace that not only I, but all of my loved ones feel. Gilmont is my Safe Haven.”

James S.

Gilmont provides a place of rest and rejuvenation that’s only 2 hours from Dallas, but which seems a world away. I am grateful for having Gilmont be part of my life for over 20 years, and to now be bringing my wife and two young children to experience it alongside me.”

Jerry Camp

Gilmont is a great place to come to get closer to God and his people. I have been coming for years. First with the youth,  and I have personally attended many times for conferences offered by the Camp. Truly a place for all!!!

Lauren Black

“I worked as assistant director for summer camp, attended many youth conferences and brought youth to Gilmont over the years. One of my favorite things is just to sit among the trees and be a part of God’s creation.”

Lauren Land

“I watched my daughters transform spiritually in a loving, inclusive community. I am inspired by Gilmont’s spirit of innovation and challenged to fulfill our bold vision for a greater impact on campers, churches, volunteers and the wider community.”

Ryan Seekins

“I started going to summer camps as a kid and then later became a counselor and Co-Director and finally a board member. I love Gilmont because anyone can find what inspires them through nature at Gilmont.”

Ryan Snitzer

“I grew up attending Gilmont as a camper, intern, counselor. It has been a blessing growing closer to God at Gilmont the past 20 years and then having my son baptized there!”

Tara Phillips

“I first came to Gilmont in 2005 looking for a home for my Girl Scout Gold Award project, The Great Gluten Escape Camp. One look at Gilmont and we knew this was the home for GGE.

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