April 4, 2022

Story from the Mountaintop

By Lydia Herriage

Camp Gilmont has some pretty fantastic campers, and we are excited to highlight Lydia Herriage, a 2021 Gilmont Intern.

Lydia is a member of First Presbyterian Church, Dallas and during Youth Sunday shared her thoughts about her most recent experience at camp.

A note from Lydia.
Hi! I’m Lydia and I have been coming to Gilmont for over a decade now and this summer will mark my tenth summer camp. After my first KidQuake, Gilmont quickly became my home away from home. I love doing energizers, silly songs, and arts and crafts. Some of my favorite energizers are Firework and Can’t Hold Us. Gilmont lets me be my silly and unbridled self without fear of being judged. There is no better way to spend my summer than running around in the Piney Woods of East Texas while building new friendships and strengthening old ones. The loving community that Gilmont has created is so infectious that I find any way I can to come back. I have participated in summer camps, Kidquakes, GAP weekends, mission projects, and Circle of Friends sessions. All of these have deepened my connection to myself and my spirituality. I love Camp Gilmont!