January 19, 2024

A Tribute to Sarah Kay Monk

By Marie Nelson – one of her many students

Wake me early to see the dew on the spider web before it disappears.

Take me quietly down a trail into the woods and introduce me to the wonder.

Pull a root and scrape away the soil, to reveal the smell of something familiar.

Tell me a story of the old timers and how they made Sassafras Tea years ago.

Introduce me to a fascinating Blackgum tree full of toothbrushes waiting to be carved.

Sit quietly with me as the gentle breeze cascades through the forest like a waterfall.

Cut apart the sweet fruit of the Persimmon and we will predict the coming winter.

Draw my attention to the flowers clothed in all of their radiance.

Show me where I can always find dry firewood waiting at the bottom of the Black Jack Oak.

Give me a cane pole and wait anxiously with me for the line to move.

Take me by the lake to watch the turtles bob up on the surface for air.

Hold a dragonfly nymph as I study its special adaptations for survival.

Quiet me as a Red Tail Hawk goes swooping overhead looking for its prey.

Show me the view to the West as the sun sets in vibrant purple, orange and pink.

Read a scripture and sign a song as the day comes to a close.

​Lead me to reflect on the beauty of the day.

Then watch with me as the veil of darkness blankets the earth, listen as the sounds of night surround us and calm me with a full moon walk when I am homesick.

Open the classroom of nature all around me and teach me how to study the gift of God’s creation.