April 25, 2016

6 Reasons to Choose Gilmont as a Conference or Retreat Destination in East Texas

Across the country, camps like Gilmont are busy year-round, welcoming campers of all ages and taking the “ho-hum” out of adult trainings, workshops, and conferences.  So, what makes Gilmont a great choice for such a gathering?

1.  Hospitality for groups.  
A relaxed place where folks feel welcome and the meeting planners have extra staff onsite to help them meet their goals.
“Camp Gilmont is in a beautiful, secluded area, offering a wonderful opportunity for your group. The staff is very friendly and go above and beyond to ensure everyone has a good experience. I highly recommend it to anyone considering a retreat.”

2.   Great Meeting Spaces.   The Crain Conference Center with meeting space for 200 and breakout rooms for small group gathering; the remodeled dining hall where guests enjoy great food; and, of course the upgraded lodge rooms for a comfy nights sleep.
“If you haven’t been to Gilmont in the last few years, you need to check it out! It’s a different place, with the beautiful Crain Center for meetings, excellent signage throughout the camp, and, as always, great food!”

3.  So many extras at no extra cost.  Just being in nature and enjoying the seasons. Trails to walk, ponds to fish, and porches upon which to relax and spend time talking to each other – getting to know the other attendees.  Great places to go during down time and reset for more productive meetings.
“A hideaway retreat in the woods.”

4.  Convenience.  Nestled in the piney woods, Gilmont is 30 minutes from Longview and 45 from Tyler. Traveling to Gilmont is easy too – we recommend flying to Shreveport if you want the speedy and easy route, or if you like the city, enjoy DFW or Love Field, and the drive is 2.5 hours away.  Folks often car pool to Gilmont and enjoy the fellowship.
“It’s just around the corner, but when you turn into the place you feel like you are a world away.”

5.  A good value.  Our pricing is competitive with other camps and will trump a hotel destination.
Gilmont is a good value and it was a great place for our group to clear our minds and make new plans for the future.”

6. You get a personalized experience.  It is Gilmont’s mission to serve, so we are eager to meet the needs of our groups. Whether it is serving guests with special diets, customizing a group’s dining hours, building menus, or helping guests with certain challenges, we are happy for you to let us know how you can help.
“Gilmont is a wonderful place for renewal, centering, and fun! A great resource for East Texas and beyond!”

​“Check it out. It is a little piece of heaven on earth.”

This article was inspired by the great folks at Retreat Central ​