Overnight Camp

Sample Schedule

Sample Schedule

Time Activity
7:15 AM
Wake Up & Cabin Time
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
Morning Celebration
9:30 AM
Activity Block One
10:30 AM
Activity Block Two
11:30 AM
Home Check In
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Activity Block Three
3:00 PM
3:30 PM
Activity Block Four
4:30 PM
Activity Block Five
5:30 PM
Cabin Time
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
Evening Activity
8:15 PM
9:00 PM
Cabin Time Before Bed

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cabin Time?

During Cabin Time, campers can do acts of self care – such as brush their teeth, take a shower, etc. They may also bond with their cabin group, participate in quiet activities such as journaling or reading, assist with cleaning the cabin, or rest.

Our breakfast menu varies. Examples of some breakfast meals include breakfast sandwiches, breakfast tacos, bacon and pancakes. There are always protein options and fruit available. 

During Morning Celebration, campers and staff start the day with dance, music, and praise! We do a few energizers – which are silly, high energy dances – and sing songs led by Gilmont’s Worship Team. The Spiritual Advisor of the week will also introduce the daily scripture.

Campers enjoy one of Gilmont’s many activities. These activities are led by Gilmont’s staff who are trained and certified, if necessary, in the activity.If your camper is in one of Gilmont’s specialty camps, they will participate in special, themed activities unique to their camp session during these blocks.Campers participate in most activities alongside their family groups. On Thursday and Friday afternoons, campers have the opportunity to choose which activity they participate in for one block.

Home Check In was a new component to Gilmont’s 2022 Summer Camp! This is an opportunity for campers to use their personal electronic devices to call or message loved ones at home and tell them how much fun they are having at Gilmont. Campers who do not bring devices play 9-square, gaga ball, carpetball, and other games at the Pavilion.

Our lunch menu varies. Examples of some lunch meals include chicken fingers and mashed potatoes, nachos, and chicken sandwiches and tater tots. Campers also have access to our salad bar and fruit.

FOB stands for Flat on Back or Face on Bunk. It is a quiet, rest time where campers are encouraged to nap, journal, read, or participate in another independent, quiet activity in their bunk.

On Monday and Wednesday, campers can choose a snack and drink option from the snack shack. Options include a variety of chips, candy, soda, and gatorade. 

On Tuesday and Thursday, ​campers are served a combination of fruit, cheese, or crackers (pretzels, animal crackers, etc).

Our menu varries. Examples of dinner meals include pizza, hamburgers or hotdogs with chips, and spaghetti with green beans. Campers have access to our salad bar and fruit.

While activity blocks are enjoyed in small groups, Evening Activities is a time when the whole camp gathers to enjoy an activity. Examples of evening activities include a campfire, games, Talent Show, and a dance party.

Vespers is a quiet, contemplative time to wind down from the day and connect with God. The Spiritual Advisor will lead campers in a story time, discussion, or spiritual practice and Gilmont’s Worship Team will lead campers in music.

Bible Study is during one of the Activity Blocks. Younger camper and older campers have seperate Bible Study blocks so that the discussion and activities are developmentally appropriate and relevant.

At the beginning of each Bible Study, the Spiritual Advisor of the week discusses the scriptural passage for that day and leads campers in a discussion. Campers then join their small groups for activities that teach the main themes of that day and how campers can apply the themes in their day-to-day lives. 

Gilmont’s Bible Study Curriculum is written so that campers discern who God is and what this means for how they live their lives. Themes include kindness, forgiveness, hospitality, service, and love for God, others, self, and creation.

Have additional questions? Contact Crosby, Gilmont’s Program Director, at [email protected].