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Since the beginning, over 80 years ago, we have been Strengthening Roots, Stretching Branches. Those who have come before us have put down strong roots in this ministry. Gilmont’s ministry strengthens faith, fosters connections, deepens relationships, develops leaders, and leaves people connected in Christ. It is time to stretch our branches and position the ministry for the next 80+ years.

The following outlines how we envision enhancing Gilmont to make it more accessible, inviting, and sustainable so we can invite more people to grow closer to God, creation, others, and themselves.

These projects will support our recently adopted strategic plan to:

  • Cultivate Sustainability
  • Grow and Strengthen existing programming
  • Increase Facility Utilization
  • Strengthen Partnerships
  • Increase Capacity

The result of our efforts will be more than construction and renovation. Through this effort, our program budget will increase by 50% allowing us to reinvest in staff growth, program needs, and facilities. In addition, we will further our vision and achieve the following annual goals within three years:

  • Increase hosting capacity from 160 to 240, including lodge capacity from 40 to120
  • Increase annual attendees by 1,000 guests
  • Create the opportunity to host smaller churches, larger groups, and multiple groups at the same time

Campaign Goals

New Lodge with Scenic View of the Pond and Infrastructure


A new lodge will enable Gilmont to welcome:

  • Larger Groups
  • Multiple Smaller Groups
  • More Families, Children, Youth, and Adults to Camps, Conferences, and Retreats

Gilmont will be able to welcome at least 1,000 more guests a year with this lodge!

The new lodge will include:

  • Total square feet of facility: 10,640
  • 20 Hotel Style Rooms with 2 Queen Beds
  • 4 Rooms will be ADA Compliant
  • Two wings, 10 bedrooms each with 167 sf lounge. Each wing has (2) handicapped (ADA) bedrooms and a family bath with tub.
  • Large Lobby with Coffee Bar
  • Large Deck overlooking the Pond
  • 2 Meeting Rooms with Coffee Bars
  • Covered Porch



Accessibility and hospitality reflect our core values. These funds will enable Gilmont to make buildings and existing lodge rooms more accessible and inviting. Adding additional staff housing will help us continue to build and retain our current staff. The improvements to many of Gilmont’s facilities will ensure that they are enjoyed for years to come.

  • Mackey Hall renovation
  • Renovations to Existing Lodge Rooms
  • Cabin bathroom renovations
  • Parking Lot and Road Improvements
  • Staff Housing
  • Fellowship Housing
  • Signs and Gate Improvements



Sustainability is another core value of Gilmont’s. These funds will enable Gilmont to make necessary improvements to its meeting and dining areas. Adding EV chargers and solar panels will ensure that our energy consumption is more sustainable and we can reinvest back into our programs.

  • Add Solar Panels and EV Chargers to Pavillion and Dining Hall
  • Dining Hall Renovation – Kitchen Improvements, Generator, Lounge, and ADA Bathroom
  • Add Accessible Family Bathroom in Crain
  • Endowment for Scholarship and Affordability

Campaign Timeline & Donor Impacts

CAMPAIGN GOAL - $7,000,000

Gilmont has received commitments to get us halfway to our goal of 7 million dollars. This goal will enable Gilmont to build a new lodge and staff housing, as well as make renovations to most of the existing buildings at the camp.

Number of Gifts Value of Gift Running Total





























Along with many gifts of other amounts totals $7.0 million.

Naming Opportunities

These campaign projects, designs, and naming opportunities are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Gilmont Board and Capital Campaign leadership team.

  • Lodge $1,500,000
  • Large Lounge $750,000
  • Large deck $500,000
  • Pavilion Solar Project $300,000
  • Road $250,000
  • Fellowship Housing $200,000
  • Staff Housing (Funded) $200,000
  • Wing (1 of 2 Available) $150,000
  • Meeting Rooms (0 of 2 Available) $100,000
  • Cornerstone ADA Rooms (2 of 4 Available) $75,000
  • Water-View Rooms (3 of 8 Available) $50,000
  • Nature-View Rooms (7 of 8 Available) $36,000
  • Existing Lodge Rooms (16 of 20 Available) $25,000

All gifts will be publicly recognized (excluding those that wish to be anonymous). All gifts of $1,500, $3000, or $5000+ will be recognized with a brick (various sizes based on gift value) on a walkway that connects the Crain Center and the new Retreat Center with the ability to honor/memorialize someone. All gifts of $10,000 or more will be recognized on a wall of honor at the conclusion of the campaign with the ability to honor/memorialize someone. As you prayerfully consider your support of Gilmont in general and this campaign in particular, you are encouraged to consider including Gilmont in your estate plan.

Gifts Over Time Chart

Amount Per Week Amount Per Month Amount Per Year 3-Year Amount 5-year Amount

Campaign Resources & Progress

Please join us in reaching our goal!

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* Our raised dollars are pledges

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