Lyrics for God of the Sparrow

​God of the sparrow ​God of the whale God of the swirling stars How does the creature say Awe How does the creature say Praise God of the earthquake God of the storm God of the trumpet blast How does the creature cry Woe How does the creature cry Save God of the rainbow God […]

Make a Nature Mandala

The mandala is a symbol for the self or the soul. It represents our divine center and our unique connection to God. When coloring or creating a mandala, always begin at the center and add layers. The center of our soul is not a place we go to… it is the place where we come […]

A Tribute to Sarah Kay Monk

By Marie Nelson – one of her many students Wake me early to see the dew on the spider web before it disappears. Take me quietly down a trail into the woods and introduce me to the wonder. Pull a root and scrape away the soil, to reveal the smell of something familiar. Tell me […]

Former Camp Counselor Gives Back in a Big Way!

The 1979 Gilmont Summer Staff team, with Spradlin pictured second from the right. ​ Gilmont’s Capital Campaign, ​“Strengthening Roots and Stretching Branches” is starting strong with a lead gift of $1.5 million made by summer staff alumni, Ronald “Ronnie” Spradlin, III – Mayor of Kilgore, Texas!  The campaign is in its “Leadership Phase” – in preparation for the official […]

Gilmont and the Generations

Mary and her grandsons as she holds up her 40 year plus Gilmont t-shirt! Recently new campers, Caleb and Jaxon Hansel returned from the “Hearts on Fire” Summer Camp week with big smiles and full hearts.  These boys continued the tradition of attending Camp Gilmont started by their great grandmother, Mary Fields, over 40 years […]

Rufus’ Week at Summer Camp

It’s Rufus’ first summer as a camper at Gilmont! He is nervous about being away from home for the week and is worried campers may make fun of his bright orange hair, purple bowtie, or 8 limbs. The check in process is quick and smooth because his guardians made sure to review the Welcome Packet […]

Mickey Melton’s Gilmont Legacy

Details of this story were captured by Gilmont staff during an interview with Mickey in 2008. Following a fire that had demolished most of the Gilmont dining hall in the late 1980s, a volunteer mission work crew out of Angleton, Texas came to rebuild. At that time, Mickey Melton served on the Board for Gilmont […]

Dotty’s Gilmont Story

This is the time of year when we send out giving statements to our donors along with notes about how their partnership with Gilmont is transforming lives. Philip and Dotty Smith show up as volunteers, retreaters, and most recently one of our Battle of the Bags SWISH Underwriters! Gilmont has been special to Dotty since she […]

Giving Back to Gilmont

By Ryan Snitzer, current Board Member and past Camp Counselor  You’re never too old for camp! This summer I put that to the test, serving as a volunteer counselor and reliving my glory days dunking campers and playing giants, wizards and elves. Fortunately, this time I was staying in a lodge room – otherwise I […]

Story from the Mountaintop

By Lydia Herriage Camp Gilmont has some pretty fantastic campers, and we are excited to highlight Lydia Herriage, a 2021 Gilmont Intern. Lydia is a member of First Presbyterian Church, Dallas and during Youth Sunday shared her thoughts about her most recent experience at camp.  A note from Lydia. Hi! I’m Lydia and I […]

Glimpses of the Glory of God

By Kenny Rigoulot, Executive Director of Development and Spiritual Formation Excerpts from a sermon Rev. Rigoulot preached on Transfiguration Sunday Many people come to Camp Gilmont to spend time with our heavenly father and friends, to reflect on where they have been and prepare themselves for what is to come. Just like Jesus, we need […]

A Story of Transformation from Circle of Friends

My family and I recently attended the Gilmont Circle of Friends camp for the first time. I can only describe this weekend and experience as life changing in the most positive and impactful way. I have two sons, one just turned 10 and has autism and the other is neurotypical and 7 years old. This […]